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The Method 

Vô Vi Meditation method is a practical method. This method will help the practitioner re-establish his equilibrium and inner harmony.

This Vô Vi Meditation is neither attached nor opposed to any religion, race, or political movement. It is a technique for self-realization. This method has helped many in dealing with stress, pain and grief including high blood pressure, migraine headache, insomnia and depression, etc.

Vô Vi Meditation is based on four main exercises. There are additional exercises for the maintenance of health. The most important points have been described so those practitioners, with consistent and diligent daily practice, will be assured of satisfactory results.

Beginners should proceed steadily. They should do only the first two exercises for six months before proceeding to meditation. These exercises should be thoroughly explained by an experienced practitioner. Alternatively a videotape is available in which Mr. Tám demonstrates and clearly explains the Vô Vi Meditation method.

Mr. Ðỗ Thuần Hậu (1883-1967) from Viet Nam, discovered the Vô Vi Meditation method after years of searching and studying many religions. Today his meditation method is carried out and expanded by the guidance of Mr. Lương Sĩ Hằng (alias Lương Vĩ Kiên or Mr. Tám). Mr. Tám also born in Viet Nam in 1923, has been traveling worldwide to help people help themselves.

Mr. Tám emphasizes the importance of the realization of compassion, lucidity, courage, and serenity.

To do altruistic and constructive deeds is to realize compassion.

To practice the dharma method is to realize lucidity.

To cultivate good character is to realize courage.

Therefore, this method should be considered a tool or a means of assisting you on the path toward spiritual perfection. In encouraging his disciples to be independent, Mr. Tám says: "With the Vô Vi Meditation method, you are completely free. Once the method is conveyed to you, it becomes yours. The adept has to perfect and progress on their own."

He declares that the gates to success and prosperity are open to all in every condition of life, high or low, saint or criminal, to those who care to turn over a new leaf and aspire to perfection.

"You should persevere to develop yourself. Be conscious of the fact that you are the only being who can take good care of yourself. Do not mind others' affair. Correct your own behavior to provide good examples for others. Without correcting yourself, you are not capable of influencing anybody else. Otherwise, it is a sham. Rescue yourself first and remove all the worries from your own mind. Nurture the sharp weapon of God, which is love and spirituality. Assist every person accordingly, so he can be awakened and evolve spiritually. You community will soon be better off..."

Mr. Tám's message of peace and resignation is welcomed with great joy by all who know him. His message is of eternal benefit to everyone who has the good fortune to hear and practice. His message says that life is a universal school to fortify our love, patient and perseverance:

"Every soul must learn many lessons. We learn through adversity in order to understand life's ups and downs. This process will guide us eventually to spiritual evolution. We must learn constantly so that our consciousness can become more and more lucid. We will become aware of our ignorance."

Mr. Tám has presented us with no new astounding philosophical theories, nor does he venture to create any new science. He explains to us what is within and without so far as it concerns our emancipation. Ultimately, he expounds a path of deliverance, which is unique.

To purify ourselves is to correct our thoughts, word and actions. For spiritual elevation, we should preserve our three energies: Seminal or Sexual essence energy, vital breath energy and spiritual energy.

Seminal/Sexual Essence Energy: It is the prime mover of physical health. A sane and moderate life style will insure the preservation of the seminal or sexual essence energy. Excessive sex will weaken and deteriorate the sexual essence energy.

Vital Breath Energy: Unnecessary talk and harmful utterances will weaken the vital breath energy.

Spiritual Energy: Being in the state of serenity and calmness will ensure the development of spiritual energy.

"The pearl of silence springs up from a waveless ocean. Enlightenment streams out from serene contemplation."

The Vô Vi Meditation practice aims at preserving these 3 energies. These original pure energies are 3 fundamental treasures of the spiritual adept. Through meditation, the 3 fundamental energies will be purified, sublimated and then they will converge to form the sacred embryo, on which the soul can lean in order to return to its original homeland.


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