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International Conference 2006

Vo-Vi Conference 2006, Bangkok, Thailand


Glorious Reunion


In spite of many years of separation, we keep cultivating ourselves spiritually,
Developing ourselves in multiple areas, we now have the opportunity to be reunited,
Our soul evolves with the practice of the silent invocation of Nam-Mo,
Surmounting adversities, we fully understand the path and its obstacles,
Enlightening our mind, we now have the opportunity to meet each other,
Practicing with perseverance and diligence, we will obtain results,
In the Vo-Vi reunion, we all come from the same origin,
Brothers and Sisters meet each other and rejoice together in all stages.

Coming from close and afar, we are reunited and feel joy and harmony,
With brilliant eyes and a smiling face, we overcome difficulties on our own,
We lead a life of peace and harmony on both social and spiritual paths,
Heaven, Earth, and Man participate in the same course, and we are never separated,
With the same heart and mind, we will practice until we reach the goal,
Improving our character, we will attain glory and everyone will benefit,
Meeting each other, we will discuss our current experiences of spiritual practice.

We sow the karmic opportunities for infinite guidance, so everyone will be able to benefit,
In the reunion, we rejoice together and our minds are illuminated and knowledgeable,
Working constructively together, we will find support in ourselves,
Loving our Vo-Vi fellow practitioners, we will all awaken our consciousness,
Learning continuously, we will love and respect ourselves,
Practicing with sincerity and diligence, we will attain the sublime level on our own,
As we practice the righteous dharma, we will feel more love and respect,
The principle of truth about the community does not change,
With harmony and tolerance, we awaken our consciousness and avoid committing many errors.

With love and respect,